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iConnect Inc., has three Freight Risk Management platforms, OrderCDR; which provides legal liability protection; AccidentLocation; which provides satellite and drone, Data Points at the accident site, and TrackingMeter; is a GPS tracking system that generates Tracking Numbers for Customers that want to monitor their freight shipped by 3PL, Brokers and Logistic Companies.


The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires, Shippers, Third Party Brokers, 3PL and Logistic Companies to obtain Record Violation Reports and Conviction Certifications on all CDL Drivers, they employ or contract, in accordance with the following statues: 49 CFR 391.25 and 49 CFR 391.27. Therefore; when a Shipper orders a CDR on third party Drivers, who transport their freight, they will be provided legal liability protection; exempting their Company from being sued based on Driver negligence.

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Clean and Professional Code

Our team writes exceptionally clean and efficient code. Using the latest technologies, we can check our efficiency standards to make sure.

We minify and encrypt necessary code, making our software secure and efficient. We serve all data through advanced SHA 256 SSL Certificates.

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Professional Tool Suite

iConnect is an approved Manufacture of Four Electronic Log Devices (ELD), by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration; we take pride in providing solutions that reduce industry risk, and promote Safety.

iConnect Inc., has a suite of tools to help the transportation industry, mitigate risk and any potential liability:

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